As Seen on Wisdom Speaks!

Chapter 1: In the Beginning

A WRETCH LIKE ME from Pain to Purpose chronicles 33 years of intense battles with drugs, fear, incest, rage, abuse, bullying, abandonment and more. Because innocence was stolen from her at such a young age, Wisdom was purposed in her heart to be a guiding voice for those who have no voice! Determined and commissioned by God, to tear down and destroy the works and the lies of the enemy, Wisdom shares her story presenting it as part testimony, and part cautionary tale.

In July of 2019, Wisdom was featured on The 700 Club, where she discussed topics from her book. Lead producer of the show, Shannon Woodland stated that her story was so powerful that they had trouble deciding on what to keep out. She went on to say that of the thousands of interviews that she had done, Wisdom's was definitely in her Top 10.