Taking It Back


Taking It Back Ministries a ministry of deliverance founded by Wisdom Williams who’s an ordained minister and speaker.

Our Ministry Operate on 3 Facets

“WISDOM SPEAKS” that airs locally on terrestrial television on TBN (The Trinity Broadcasting Network) where she enlightens, encourages, and empowers others to walk into their God given purpose!  She uses biblical principles, experience, research and WISDOM.. To deliver her powerful messages each week….

Where we pool together all of our knowledge, resources and experiences, to become a bridge between the church and the lost. We go into the concentrated, distressed, and impoverished areas, to share the good news and connect them with churches in their community that will love and nurture them as they grow in the knowledge of their Lord and savior Jesus Christ!!

Is a traveling ministry where Wisdom and the Ministry Team, go into the world as lead by God to minister in church’s, conferences, schools, treatment centers, prisons, shelters and other places to educate others and testify of the saving grace of Jesus Christ ….