Taking It Back


Taking It Back Ministries is a deliverance ministry founded by Wisdom Williams on November 22nd, 2009.

Specializing in, Biblical Counseling, Identifying & Breaking Generational Curse’s, trauma healing, and Mental Health Coaching.

Wisdom began her Ministry at The YWCA’S battered women’s shelter in Saint Joseph Missouri. Where she delivered powerful messages which included her testimony, and The Word of The Lord.

She obtained her degree in Biblical Counseling through Ambassadors of Faith Bible College while continuing to serve at other ministries in the Saint Joseph area.

TIBM assisted Food for Kids ministry is feeding the hungry children and families, in Saint Joseph’s inner City, every summer for seven years.

She also ministered at The Crossing, delivering messages and counseling to the Veterans, the Homeless, and the ex-offenders.

She then went on to Pastor at Ambassador of Faith Church and Bible College where she received her ordination, before relocating to KCMO in the Winter of 2016.

Our Ministry Operate on 3 Facets

A Weekly Television Ministry

“WISDOM SPEAKS” that airs locally on terrestrial television on TBN (The Trinity Broadcasting Network) where she enlightens, encourages, and empowers others to walk into their God given purpose! She uses biblical principles, experience, research and WISDOM.. To deliver her powerful messages each week….

Taking It Back

In Motion The Outreach Ministry, where we pool together all of our knowledge, resources and experiences, to become a bridge between the church and the lost. We go into the concentrated, distressed, and impoverished areas, to share the good news and connect them with churches in their community that will love and nurture them as they grow in the knowledge of their Lord and savior Jesus Christ!!

I'll tell the world

Is a traveling ministry where Wisdom and the Ministry Team, go into the world as lead by God to minister in church’s, conferences, schools, treatment centers, prisons, shelters and other places to educate others and testify of the saving grace of Jesus Christ ….

How Can You Help

We understand that people want do help make a difference in their community, but most are extremely busy with family, work, and other duties, this is why we give you the opportunity to help by sowing a monthly donation of $30 or more, if you choose to make a larger contribution you will be listed as one of our Dedicated Sponsors, and your name will appear in the credits on the program, and on all of our banners anywhere we make public appearances, schools, church’s shelters, and other outreach ventures.