Wisdom Speaks

Wisdom Speaks is a television program that airs weekly TBN affiliate KTJA featuring Wisdom Williams delivering powerful and moving messages that everyone should hear.


In December 2015, Wisdom was interviewed on the TBN -Trinity Broadcasting Network. The station owner was so impressed, she presented Wisdom with the opportunity to have her own weekly broadcast. Wisdom accepted the offer and moved back to Kansas City, Missouri where she worked diligently to create the “WISDOM SPEAKS” broadcast. The program aired on June 2nd of 2018, and was a huge success.


On May 29th of 2019, Wisdom was interviewed by CBN 700 Club. Her story touched the hearts and lives of many. Producer Shannon Woodard (on the right) said that of the thousands of interviews she had done, Wisdom’s story was definitely in her top 10. Woodard went on to say, when editing, her and Daniel Thompson, co-producer (on the left) had trouble deciding on what to leave out.

In February 2021, Wisdom attended the Christian Filmmakers Network Content20 Conference, where the documentary from the CBN 700 Club “Wisdom Williams: Breaking a 15 Year Addiction” won three awards in three different categories.

Wisdom joined SOLWIN television, a broadcast dedicated to helping victims of Domestic Violence.

And Faith Channel, a Groundbreaking Christian Streaming Network.

Donate to Wisdom Speaks

Donating to Wisdom Speaks and Taking It Back Ministries help to cover the costs and fees associated with broadcasting the weekly Wisdom Speaks Television Program. Donations can be made one time or on a monthly basis, and are tax deductible.
Every donation no matter how small goes a long way to ensuring that we can continue to bring and spread the gospel of the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ.