Wisdom Speaks


Wisdom taping an episode if Wisdom Speaks

A Division of Taking it Back Ministries

Wisdom is the found and host of the "Wisdom Speaks" program which airs every Saturday at 1pm CST on local Kansas City TBN and Youtube. On the air, Wisdom breaks down the word of God to enlighten, encourage abd empower her audience to walk into their God given purpose! She uses biblical principles, experience, research and WISDOM. To deliver her powerful messages each week.

Every Saturday At 1:00PM CST



Donating to Wisdom Speaks and Taking It Back Ministries help to cover the costs and fees associated with broadcasting the weekly Wisdom Speaks Television Program. Donations can be made one time or on a monthly basis, and are tax deductible. Every donation no matter how small goes a long way to ensuring that we can continue to bring and spread the gospel of the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ.