Youth Equipping Alliance


The YEA mission is to provide specialized services through spiritual principles and enrichment programs for at-risk youth. Fundamentally, the Youth Equipping Alliance is a group of community- minded organizations that work together to provide a safe haven, mentoring, coaching, counseling, career guidance and other life-skill services

YEA Focus The Needs OF The Whole Person



Youth Equipping Alliance

Basic Tutoring

Career Counseling

Our goal is to provide a myriad of services that address the basic needs of the inner-city youth in Kansas City. The strength of the Youth Equipping Alliance is our desire to partner with diverse organizations to bring different views to the community table that go above and be-yond what we could achieve by ourselves. These outcomes are where success is found. The diversity of these organizations allows YEA to achieve the goal of steer-ing the youth in our community toward healthy alternatives.